Calling all participants interested in attending the North American Traffic and Awards net. This is ______, and I will be your net control for this evening.

The purpose of this net is to handle message traffic as part of the ARRL National Traffic System. In addition, this net provides the opportunity for all general class and above licensed amateur radio operators to make contacts to earn various awards.

We welcome all licensed amateur radio operators general and above, to join in the net ; but we will not acknowledge those who choose not to follow FCC Regulations.

Please join us both on the air and via NET LOGGER, Netlogger is a free program used by our net to list checkins, and also to log your contacts.  It is available on our website  at  click the link to download.  Install.   Open netlogger and choose  select net button.  Highlight and select” NATA 40m Net” and follow along.   Be sure to also open the AIM chat window. And join in the live chat all during the net. Feel free to ask questions there.   Watch the pink line on the logger. It highlites the turn for each check in.  We usually allow two calls per check in.

We respectfully request that after making your contacts on our net, that you upload your log entries to LOTW-Logbook of The World, EQSL, or QRZ.

We also encourage you to exchange QSL cards, as we have many people on the net, working for numerous awards. Please include zulu date and time, frequency, and signal reports, for both parties, on the card.

As the net progresses, control will set up RELAY STATIONS to help make sure we offer the best service to all stations attending the net. Please do not jump in without being asked by the net control. If you need to contact net control please just say contact, and I will recognize you. This way we will cut down the doubling and wasted time. If you hear a station trying to check in, and one of the relays does not hear them, just say contact and Net Control , or a RELAY will try to help you out.

This is _____ Are there any stations with written emergency, priority, or time sensitive traffic at this time?

Are there any stations wishing to make announcements or questions concerning the net before we begin taking check-ins?

Start taking Check-ins

Run one or two calls per person, if time  run a lightning round or last calls.


This concludes this session of The North American Traffic and Awards NET. We would like to thank everyone that participated in the net and invite you all to join us again tomorrow and every night , at this same time, and around this  same frequency.

We ask again that all net participant upload their log entries to, LOTW, EQSL and QRZ as soon as possible after the net, in order to help those working for awards.



Please read this thoroughly, in order for you to sign up you must first go to the FORUM MENU , scroll down, looking to your left, use  one of the two login features, simply click the create an account link below the login area, and you will be prompted to fill in your details, using your licensed call sign as the user name, and all other details requested,  Once submitted, you must wait for confirmation before using the account, as we do screen all interested participants for proper credentials. You must hold a general class or higher Amateur Radio Class License to be approved.  Once completed and approved, We will notify you. If you do not receive confirmation or your password you had created does not work, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Do you enjoy helping others on the air? Do you have a station with a consistently strong signal on the air? Do you have good antennas and an amplifier? Do you have reliable internet access in your shack?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions then you're a good candidate to be a net control operator for NATA!

We are always looking for people with a willingness to help out as NCS on either a regular basis or as a back-up NCS. Once you've been participating on NATA for a while and have a good feel for how our nets run you may want to explore trying your net control shoes on.

Unlike other nets, NATA has not formal ""training"" program, no test to take, or special rules that you must follow. Our net controls have complete freedom to run their net in the best way possible, making adjustments on the fly as special stations check in or as conditions warrant. All we ask is that you follow through with your scheduled nets and let the other net controllers know when you're not able to do that by posting a message on the NATANET Yahoo Group as much ahead of time as possible.

So, READY TO TRY IT? Please contact Jim (KU0G) or Ted (KU8F) for more information and assistance getting started! We'll be glad to have you join the ranks of NATA net control operators!