What seems like an eternity ago now, on January 1, 2009, we re-established the North American Traffic and Awards Net. Now we've just celebrated our sixth anniversary and the net continues to plug along! With many thanks to all of the dedicated amateurs that make the net possible, a special award certificate is being issued for everyone that participated in our January 1, 2015, net on 40 meters!

Participation Awards are now available! To download YOUR award, open a new browser window and enter the following URL:

www.natanet.info/anniversary/[yourcall].pdf    (substitute your callsign in all lowercase letters example: ku0g.pdf)

73 and Thanks for Six Great Years!

To celebrate our six year anniversary, NATA announces the release and immediate availability of a new series of awards: THE SIX GUNS. This is the first series of NATA awards that will require ALL contacts to take place on NATA nets. Complete information and XML spreadsheets for submitting your logbooks entries can be found in the NATA FORUM in the AWARDS sections. Each award requires six contacts at various progressively higher power levels with six different stations. Once logged for any of the six awards, the same station cannot be used again for any other award in this series. Upon completion of the six awards, the recipient will earn the Six Guns Award. Here are the new awards:

The FILTHY SIX AWARD requires multiple contacts with each of the six key NATA operators, all of which must be made between January 1 and December 31, 2015. It's an offer you cannot refuse! Excel Spreadsheet logging form is available in the NATA FORUM in the AWARDS section.